The mural painting is done!

2013-04-03 15:04:33 by Chroust

Our studio has been called to beautification the Jihlava ZOO. In the new pavilion of giraffes we are created murals paintings in their range. The timelapse include ten days of our work in five minutes. Special thanks to Karthon for amazing ambient music theme.


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2013-04-03 16:11:05

pretty cool


2013-04-03 16:35:11

Really beautiful. You guys did a great job.


2013-04-04 00:48:53

wow that was really great guys, I'm gonna share this. what was the name of that ambient song?

(Updated ) Chroust responds:

Hi, thanks all for compliments. The ambient song by Karthon called Digital mirroring. Thakns Karthon


2013-04-04 12:00:33

Looks great, and watching the painting take shape like this, the windowed sun moving across the walls, the whole atmosphere shifting tone... it's quiet an experience. Nice work!


(Updated ) Chroust responds:

Thanks man... the sun makes the best timelapse art. Its big experience for me... The best thing about this artwork is. that we may learn to paint :D


2013-04-04 12:23:54

And there it will remain for the next 1,000 years.

Chroust responds:

I hope so. However giraffes will wipe the painting. Paint is extremly durable, but so much love giraffes probably will not last :)