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I am from Czech Republic in central Europe. My job is graphics designer, artist and game developer in my studio called d3arts.cz. I graduated from Secondory School of Aplied Cybernetics in Hradec Kralove. Now i study academy on the same place.

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Chroust's News

Posted by Chroust - November 13th, 2014

Hi NG, my movie has the premiere on youtube, i would love some feedback. It isnt standart stuff, its experimental yearlong timelapse documentary. One year day by day in the 36 minutes. In the fact its about time and space. Thank you for watching.   




Posted by Chroust - August 25th, 2014

Hi everyone, we are done! And we are proud. Here is longtrailer and premiere is in October. Special thanks for the great ambient to http://metastable-steve.newgrounds.com/  he is really artist! "Thank you Metastable-Steve, you are my rescuer!" One year of hardwork... and our yearlong timlapse experimental movie was borned and it has the catchword: "All you have ever needed to know about the Time!" Check it and Enjoy, Newgrounds! 


Posted by Chroust - October 30th, 2013

For nearly a year working on the time-lapse movie and i have. I'll be ready :) well, check the trailer, please. And now i am looking for a musician for this new eperimentaly movie! Please send me PM if you want create the music for Garden. It need one or four sons who takes around 20-30 minutes. I need anything as this tom-day-reflections Wel if you wnat try create any music for this trailer i PM´s me. I try it to comply in the trailer.

The trailer for the timelapse called Garden captures the time of one year and transforms it to surrealism. This experimental doc completely lost the continuity of four seasons and also the difference between reality and dream. Comming soon 2014

Posted by Chroust - August 15th, 2013

We have made new murals with Ice Age, Finding Nemo & Tom and Jerry cartoons themes for little kiddo who lives in the new childrens room in the family house. In this movie you can see the timelapse of twelve dayz of our hard artwork with brushes, rollers and acrylates paints in our hands. This little kid has a perfect dad, do not you think?

Special thanks to Karthon for amazing ambient music again!

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Posted by Chroust - April 3rd, 2013

Our studio has been called to beautification the Jihlava ZOO. In the new pavilion of giraffes we are created murals paintings in their range. The timelapse include ten days of our work in five minutes. Special thanks to Karthon for amazing ambient music theme.

Posted by Chroust - October 22nd, 2012

Hi Newgrounds, i have finished the new picture on the theme of LUCKY DAY FOREVER movie for NG calendar2013. Check the B13 cybergirl maked via Photoshop and airbrush technique.


Posted by Chroust - September 17th, 2012

Check my new airbrush POSTER with cybergirl!

Posted by Chroust - July 25th, 2012

Hi Newgrounds,

i need little help, please. We have migrate our website to new webhosting and we have the little problem with the foreign visitors - problems with connectivity. Works our website for you (If you are from USA & ASIA & not Europian states)?

please try it - thank you for your heads up - Go to our website, please

if you see this - its good... Thank you for your comment

Our webhosting problem

Posted by Chroust - April 18th, 2012

Im looking for sponsor of this game! Its only concepts of some minigames. The game Story of Egypt isnt compact yet. Its story of two heroes - Little egyptian boy and Ghost from lamp (Vizier). I have half of story board - this is 50% of complete work. Enjoy it. Give me might to create this game!

Playscreen and main heroeses
Coloring book game
Searching game - camel
Pexeso game
Find right symbol on the stele

by the way....

Concept of Story of Egypt

Posted by Chroust - April 6th, 2012

Hi, i made today the Czechs and Slovaks Newgrounds comunity pages on the facebook. I scout this on the NG and Im looking from our countrymans buddies from Czech and Slovak republic! The main thing of this pages is: Support, our New projects, chat, sessions and many more. ... And in the our motherlangueage! If you have a facebook, this is it:

Go to our facebook comunity and seyz: Ahoj nebo Zdarec :D